Rough edges, raw beauty, naked landscapes

The bare bones of Greek summer liberate the imagination and nourish the soul. Nōema is an expression of the Cycladic way of living. A culture of natural warmth and simple pleasures, of deep-rooted traditions as elemental as the wind and sun, the rocks and sea. A place where life moves with the rhythm of nature and being together is what really matters.

Cycladic Heritage Reimagined

Timeless, organic, instinctive. From the architecture to the food, Cycladic culture is about respect for nature and a liberating lack of pretension. This ethos animates every element of Nōema. A contemporary interpretation of Greek tradition that is both profoundly familiar and wholly unexpected.

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Meet our Culinary Director and Mixology Team

Culinary Director

“We are going back to our culinary roots. Fish is fermented in brine or cured in sea salt, meat is cooked over an open fire or baked in a clay pot with lemon and bay leaves. This intensifies the flavours and allows you to taste the origins of the ingredients — the natural, unadulterated Greekness.”

– Athinagoras Kostakos

Mixology Team

From prickly pear liqueur to house-made honey mead, hand-picked herbs for healing elixirs and small-batch distillates from all over the Aegean, the team is shining a spotlight on local products. Seasonality and sustainability are the heart of Nōema’s drinking philosophy.