Beneath The Surface | Nōema Mykonos

It’s difficult to grow up on an island without becoming an accidental philosopher of the sea. For the people of the Cyclades, the sea is a lifelong playground, a recurring character in countless stories, a friend, a villain, an authority, an opportunity. It’s a passage to the mainland and something to miss when far from home. It’s a horizon in motion.

“Lurking below that surface — the one that glimmers, chops, sleeps, and swells across the planet — is a muffled commotion. Underwater forests and rolling meadows. Unknown depths and the darkest of dark.”

Following the rhythms of the moon, the sea decides whose feet stay dry and whose fishing nets stay full. George and Theoharis Kousathanas have been attuned to the many personalities of the Aegean for generations. Mykonos is their hometown, and they spend their working days between their small fish shop in Chora and the vast expanse of the Aegean. And then home — to a table of oven-baked sardines, tomato, garlic, and herbs for special family gatherings. The sea’s aroma on every plate, a gentle reminder of its generosity.

“The sea is not our purview. Beyond the surface is beyond our control. We must wait for the invitation, listening to the wind, learning from afar. And when the time is right, we dip our nets and cast our lines, asking for its gifts.”